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Two-Eyed Tales Limited Edition Variant Cover

Two-Eyed Tales Limited Edition Variant Cover

This is the same as the product Two-Eyed Tales but with a limited-edition painted cover.


Real life is scary.


If you keep both eyes open, you might see something truly horrifying in everyday life.


Two-Eyed Tales is a 48-page manga-sized (4.75" x 7") collection of four black and white horror comic stories inspired by real life events:


Cat & Mouse is a 17-page manga in which two 19-year-old Japanese teenagers, after partying too hard, wake up in an unknown village.  To win cash to go home, they volunteer as contestants on an extreme game show.  But something isn't write about the show, the host, or the audience . . . 


Once Upon a Horn is an 8-page horror fairy tale in which a spoiled princess receives a unicorn for her birthday.  It is up to the luckless stablemaster to tame it so she can ride it, however . . . 


Death's Head, published here for the first time, is a 6-page story in which an exterminator, after wiping out a group of death's-head hawkmoths, finds that one has managed to hide out in his car, making for a rather rough ride home.


Bless the Children is a 15-page Western in which the sole survivor of a failed settlement arrives in a nearly abandoned small town.  Silent children are everywhere.  Who are they and what do they want?


Writing, Letters:  Joseph Duis.

Line Art:  Maulana Faris and Greg Woronchak.

Cover Colors:  Rebecca McConnell.

Limited Edition Variant Cover:  Donna Anita Black.

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