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The Order of Dracula Remastered Director's Cut (print)

The Order of Dracula Remastered Director's Cut (print)

When an Irish separatist allies with Dracula to help free his people, will he become a patriot or a terrorist?  The Order of Dracula is a 30-page one-shot horror comic book inspired equally by the Hammer Dracula movies and every road to Hell that's paved with good intentions.


This 102- Director's Cut includes the 30-page story, the original script, a writer's commentary on every page and panel, and the original character designs.  If you ever wanted to know how the comic was made, this is for you!


Writer, Creator, Letterer:  Joseph Duis

Artist: Don Cardenas

Colorist:  Rebecca McConnell

Cover:  Don Cardenas and Kris Busini

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