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The Advocator Presents Winter Edition

The Advocator Presents Winter Edition

The Advocator Presents is a collection of six "comicsodes" - four-page stories connected to various indie comic properties.  


The stories in the 32-page color Winter Edition include:


Welcome to the Void:  A dishwasher is about to discover the source of all magic - but who's watching him?  


Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies:  Everybody has a first day at work - even mobsters.


Mary, Revised:  If someone you loved died, would you remember them for who they were or who you wanted them to be?  (this story also appears in our comic Doctor Orange).  


Modern Testament:  The ancient story of Noah and his ark gets reimagined for the modern world.


Grimwood Crossing:  Monster hunters in the Wild West hunt down the ghost of a witch that has been haunting the trail into town.


Binary Star:  Mismatched interstellar heroes drop in on a wild party on a black market planet, but while they're building giant tequila ice luges and getting into territorial bar fights with talking dogs, a sociopathic seductress secretly stalks them from the shadows.  


This comic has multiple covers.  This is the standard cover.

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