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If Rod Serling had created superhero comics!  Three stories set in the 1940s  and 1950s using public domain characters and connected through existential themes:


"How the West Won" (12 pages):  The Mystery Union, a team made up of 1940s public domain heroes, finds that its headquarters underneath Chicago's Navy Pier has been invaded by ranch hands who are immune to their powers. While the heroes fight for their lives, they come to realize that the stakes are much higher than they had thought.


"Lords of Night" (9 pages): After the end of the war and the death of his mother, Bruce King has all but given up his life as costumed crime-fighter King of Darkness, but adventure finds him anyway when he encounters the earthbound spirit, Duke of Darkness, in early 1946. Are even the two heroes enough to defeat new villainess The Queen of Night?


"Fatherland" (5 pages):  Miss Espionage became a foe of fascism everywhere in 1945, but before then she operated as a Nazi spy. "Fatherland" finds her at the battle of Stalingrad in 1943, where she is on a mission to undermine the Russian war effort. But unbeknownst to her superiors, she is also on a personal mission that will make her question everything she knows about herself.


There are three covers.  This product is for Cover A.


Dimensions:  7.75" x 10.25"

Pages: 28

Color:  Full Color

Writer, Letterer: Joseph Duis

Line Art:  Greg Woronchak, Luca Cicchitti

Colors:  Rebecca McConnell, Gerome Suyman Repaja

Proofreader:  Chuck Pineau

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