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Doctor Orange

Doctor Orange

If Edgar Allan Poe wrote a screenplay about the Great Pumpkin and John Carpenter directed it!


After a woman with a history of hallucinations carves a jack o'lantern for Halloween, the pumpkin comes after her, trying to ruin her life. Or is it all in her mind? Doctor Orange is the 22-page Halloween-themed psychological horror comic in which nothing is a given. Writing, lettering: Joseph Duis. Line art: Jose Raul Orte Crespo. Colors: Maulana Faris. Cover: Greg Woronchak. With a pin-up by David Jaxon and Maulana Faris!


Also includes the 8-page back-up story "Mary, Revised." After the death of a teenage girl, her best friend tells two conflicting versions of her life. Writing: Joseph Duis. Art and letters: El Nizamt.


Now available in the second printing, a 12-page third story, "How the West Won."  In the early 1950s, superheroes are wondering if they still have a place in the world when two unassuming ranch hands break into their headquarters and try to kill them.  Unbeknownst to all, the fate of their world is at stake. Writing and letters:  Joseph Duis.  Line art:  Greg Woronchak.  Colors:  Rebecca McConnell.


At 44 pages, Doctor Orange is a miniature full-color horror anthology!


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