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Crusade of Dracula Book Three

Crusade of Dracula Book Three

The self-contained sequel to THE ORDER OF DRACULA continues here!  


Dracula finally makes his play to collapse the Ottoman Empire, but he hits a snag - the mysterious supernatural being, The Radiant One.  Gathering allies, including Irish separatist James Fitzharris; James's estranged son, Royal Army sapper Fachtna Fitzharris; turncoat Ottoman spy Meryem Merengaz; and the immortal storyteller of the Arabian Nights, Scheherazade; Dracula and his allies must explore Arabia in the midst of World War I to find clues to his enemy's weaknesses.


New in BOOK THREE:  Dracula and James gather other members of The Order of the Dragon and head to Istanbul to defeat their mysterious enemy, The Radiant One, once and for all, at Dolmbace Palace.  Unfortunately, some of their old allies and enemies have other plans.  Will Dracula and his allies defeat The Radiant One, or will they kill each other first?


BOOK THREE is 36 pages (33 story pages), black & white, and 8.5" square.  It is not a standalone story; it follows from BOOKS ONE and TWO. THE ORDER OF DRACULA takes place in the same world with some of the same characters but is not necessary to understand THE CRUSADE OF DRACULA.


THE CRUSADE OF DRACULA BOOK THREE will be available in early 2022, but you can preorder it here.

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