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Bless the Children Settler's Edition (print)

Bless the Children Settler's Edition (print)

Northern California, January 1847:  When the sole survivor of a failed Westward expedition wanders into a small town, he begins seeing children of whom no one else is aware.  Who are they and what do they want?  Bless the Children is a 15-page black-and-white horror Western one-shot comic about the psychological and physical dangers of frontier living.  Unique among modern comics, it is illustrated in the style of 1840s social satire comics.


This deluxe Settler's Edition is 52 pages and includes the 15-page story, a "commentary track" section by writer Joseph Duis, and the original script.  Ideal for anyone who wants to know how the book was made!


Writer, Creator, Letterer:  Joseph Duis

Artist:  Greg Woronchak

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